Steelkrill Studio is an independent 3D video game developer, publisher and asset developer focusing mostly on computer games and assets for developers that will drastically speeds up your time for game development.

Steelkrill Studio has not been very active when it comes to full released games but our focus was in creating assets, full game projects, KITs, templates and more both for independent developers and/or any one that is willing to start into business.

We are also now stepping our foot in creating full video games once again, as we are currently working on new game projects. We have been undergoing some issues lately and these couple of years have not been easy - this really kept us from creating FULL games. Games take up time, budget and lots of work to do and unfortunately working between jobs and working around the clock to try and support our families got into the way of game development. Creating assets helped us keep on learning about game development and luckily now we are back on track.

Steelkrill Studio is operated by one developer - so I apologize for any delays and I hope you understand! 😊